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Make a kiss and take a berry
grickle_grass wrote in smash_logs
What: Making out I mean MISTLETOE.
When: December 19th to January 1st.
Where: Everywhere.
Rating: The letter appropriate for Kissing & Violence against Plants & Swearing.

After Celebi's inquiries about tiny, berried plants, she came to a few conclusions. Either people really liked them or people were pretty indifferent to them! Or they were grumpy. There seemed to be a lot of grumpies. Clearly the solution to that was to bring the mistletoe on to campus and let it flourish! EVERYWHERE.


In the halls. In doorways. Over your locker. Over your rival's locker. Dangling over your head exactly when you least expected it. If you did not want to encounter it you were probably encountering it.

And they were persistent! They were under the grass pixie's watchful eye this year. Did it just move when you tried to shoot it? Was the shot reflected back at you?? WHAT.

To make matters worse, if you happened to find yourself under certain sprigs of the holiday plant, you were stuck there. STUCK FOR ETERNITY, or at least until you got a smooch. How perfectly, wonderfully devious. There was a certain witch to thank for that.


[[Have at it!! Post your dudes, go get smooches.

+ Celebi won't like you trying to destroy the plants. She will move them a couple of frustrating inches.
+ Some (not all!) plants are CURSED via Ashley. No moving until smooching. You better hope for a smooch.
+ Don't forget to add your characters' tag via the edit tag button!

Go get festive, Smash Academy BD]]

(Deleted comment)
[It is now curiously somewhere to your left.]

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)

Lash [Any time, open to everyone]

Oh hell, not this thing again.

[She is trying to shoot them.]

[Do you want wolf kisses? Of course you do.]

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
[People kiss under this?! Yes, these are clearly perfect plants.]

[You know that one scene early on in The Lion King?

Yeah, something like that happens here.

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[Celebi was rather proud of her handiwork and was often standing other them. Casually. Like so. To make sure they were doing all right. Yes.]

[Someone else decidedly liked these plants. And stood under them often. It was only natural that these two plantchildren, who often stood under mistletoe, would find each other at some point.]

[Oh, mistletoe again? Well, 'tis the season and everything. After three years of this he's kind of warmed up to the idea. Not that he won't try to avoid it when he CAN...]

[It seems today you cannot. And you are going to get an awkward smooch from an old man.]

[Oh. Oh. Ghor learned about this the fun way last year. This year he's going to SCAN IT just to make sure he remembers correctly. Symbol of truce, huh? Neat.

Too bad he doesn't have lips or anything.]

[Here comes a little boy are you ready for him.]

Ah! Hello!

[There are sparkles. In his eyes.]

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(Deleted comment)
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(Deleted comment)
Mistletoe, huh?

[He is just eying it in amusement.]

Looks like someone went a little overboard...


::You look pretty manly, guy.::

::Please enjoy this MANLY SHOULDER PUNCH.::

[Hey, this seems pretty familiar. Didn't she use to cause this mischief and mayhem or something? How could she have forgotten such a thing? Oh, right, probably when she forgot EVERYTHING ELSE.


Silver will just be over here, laughing. It's nothing personal; you're just the first person he's seen like this. And it's hilarious, ok?

[Of course, a certain Grumpybob Wolfpants is doing his best to avoid them. However, those cursed sprigs keep sprigging his way and nailing him to the spot. Why? Why does he have to be punished this way?? What has he done to deserve this?]

[Oh there was your friendly neighbourhood Mega Man passing by.]

Hi Jon! Oh, uh... you've got some mistletoe?

[He points to it. In case you didn't realize it was there.]

[As per every year Knuckles is placing himself strategicly under aforementioned poisonous kissing berries to dispense smooches, hugs, shoulder punches, fistbumps, high fives and any other required or desired affections within reason. Human or Echidna form depending on the recipients prefference.]

[And then Wario accidentally ended up under the mistletoe with a furry red thing. Why God why.]

[Sonny Moe is secretly a very sad panda right now. Things seem to be going kind of wrong again this year sort of like last year a little bit maybe. But he is doing his very very best to smile and give hugs and kisses to his friends and anyone else who wants them! He's a really good hugger. Try it out!]

[Oh, the mistletoe's back! Well, this is nice. She'll be passing through a ton of them while going through her daily activities, it's not going to be hard to find her under one!]

[Someone is following Sable. Someone with long, purple hair.]

Hello! Excuse me!!

[Look at all the mistletoe. Seriously. It's... everywhere.

Two years ago, Marth got his first kiss underneath one of the pretty plants and berries. He hasn't forgotten. He's still trying to walk around each one, though. As long as he doesn't wind up under one...

Today's going to be a very interesting day, evidently.]

Enjoying yourself? [Hilda's looking rather amused here.]

[Oh, well that's just GREAT! It figures that he'd be stuck in school when these stupid plants started popping up! Doopliss starts gliding as fast as he could out of the campus...only to get stuck under some mistletoe. This happens to him many times.]



Why, it's Ashley, looking incredibly amused and trying very hard not to giggle.]

You look a little stuck.

[Hooray, mistletoe! She's been liking this stuff more and more with every year here. Right now, it seems that Watt's purposefully getting herself under some mistletoe so that she can give as many smooches as possible!]

[You sly li'l sparky, you. Look, it's a Rock!]

Hi Watt! Happy holidays!

[Byrne is only vaguely familiar with mistletoe customs. So it doesn't actually occur to him at first that the things on the ceiling are bad. Very very bad.

So he'll probably get stuck underneath these things a lot.]

[BYRNE you get a respectful nod in passing as Poo traverses the hallways.]

[Caim's taking a break from killing people. Or maybe he's in between killing people. Whatever the case is, he's here. Out in the open. In clothes that aren't splattered by blood.]


[What are all of these plants around? Caim knows no better. An eyebrow arches and he stares at a sprig skeptically.]

You knew this was coming :|

[So Byrne was just minding his own business when he casually walked by Caim in the hallway.

But then he was stuck. Next to him.

Was it that atrocious plant above them? Oh Goddesses. Byrne didn't know much about mistletoe, but he knew there was some stupid superstition about having to kiss the person you fall under the mistletoe with. Stupid. Stupid stupid stupid.]

[Aw crud. This is going to be really awkward. Let's get it over and done with.]


[Wario is intrigued by the mistletoe, as it may get him close to some good-looking women, but he doesn't want to be stuck under it with someone like Bowser or something.

But with Wario's girth, he'll probably end up under one anyway.]

::And then Bowser punched you.::


Yes this was good.

Ashley, being a hater of all things Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Men, was, of course, taking every opportunity to sabotage the overgrowth that already plagued the halls. Instead of holing herself up in her room, avoiding the cheer, she actively set out enchanting the plants, raining doom upon all unfortunate enough to stand under them.

And you could bet she was hanging around to watch the carnage.

Sometimes there was a green thing draped on top of her head. It was probably kind of annoying. And giggling. Celebi had decided that she rather liked this little girl.

This was a good idea! Said an overly cheery voice in Ashley's brain.

[EVA hasn't been around as much as she usually is. Gone for days at a time, or otherwise disappearing from the library or the entire school at random times during the day.

But she's there, and there is also mistletoe. If you can catch her.]

[Someone. Had. Noticed. And she was not very happy about it. In fact she was even a little grumpy, but she was trying not to be.

Except right now she was quite rooted to this location and could not go grump in peace.]

[Maybe if you want a punch in the face, you should give Eli a smooch.]

[Here is a guy who is okay with both options, sneaking up on you.]

We meet again~

[Gold, despite the recent trauma he experienced, appears rather enthused about the mistletoe infestation!]

Don't see why you're so cheerful. [And Silver will just be linefacing at him.]