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I am smiling a little maybe.
black_hawke wrote in smash_logs
Who: YOU
When: Midnight, January 1st, 2012
Where: The main quad
Warnings: partying like it's 1999

The night was surprisingly quiet for the dawn of a new year. Quiet, of course, until the school's clocktower struck midnight.

While more unsavory activities were happening elsewhere, the sky above Final Destination erupted in a flurry of color and sound.

title or description

Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind...

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Goose was already passed out in the middle of the quad from drinking too much. Two minutes before midnight.

So close, yet so far.


[Red cautiously poked the passed out security guard with the tip of his foot. Gone already?]

[YEP. He's not going to like that he landed face-first. Sunglasses-first.


Jeff had booze. Jeff, where did you get booze? With his booze he also had secrets. Anyway, it was just a case of beer, and drinking was very slow-going because he didn't like the taste that much, but drinking alone on the roof of the dorm seemed like a great way to end a new year. Not that he was angsting or anything. It was actually pretty calm and gave him time to do up blueprints in his head.

Then when the fireworks started it made for a nice view.

It was probably best not to question what Falcon was doing on the roof of the dorms at midnight on New Year's, but there he was, carrying a six pack and looking especially broody.

Which, really, when you thought about it, wasn't terribly different from how he usually showed up to places.

What was different, however, was the nonchalance with which he seated himself next to Jeff and produced a bottle opener.


Jeff was definitely questioning what Falcon was doing on the school roof instead of with Samus or something. But that was not nearly as alarming as the fact that Falcon was here to witness Jeff's crazy underage drinking adventures and those situations never ended well. Even if Jeff wasn't drunk, nor was he aiming to be. But Falcon didn't know that. He didn't seem to care either.


Jeff just stared for a while.

Trap? Whaaaaat. Why on earth would this be a trap? It totally wasn't, not by any stretch of the imagination Jeff you were just being silly.

Falcon nonchalantly flicked the bottlecap off his alcoholic beverage of choice with the opener, taking a long sip as he watched the tiny metal disk land on the ground below.



Nothing at all. And it was going to be so easy to keep up that illusion and play along and not bring things directly into the open--

"Just. I figured you were going to give me some kind of lecture for drinking anything."

Or that.

"I think we've fought enough about that," he half-sighed, taking a lengthy sip from his own bottle. There were other, more important things to fight about, maybe. Or maybe Falcon was just kind of tired of fighting.

"You're how old, now, anyway?"

"Seventeen." Still underage, though. "...Eighteen in February. Jeez."

Nearly an adult, with adult responsibilities and... whatever else came with that. Soon he'd stop growing and start aging. How long until he looked like his dad? Ugh. And given the clone thing he would be an exact replica...

He ran a hand through his hair, making a mental note to invent a cure for baldness before that happened. "Once upon a time I didn't even think I was going to make it to thirteen. I did, obviously. It's just weird... Thinking about it now."

Weirder talking about it.

"Old enough."

Truth be told, it was unsettling to know that Jeff was rapidly approaching his twenties, especially because the student had been so young when they'd first met. At the same time, it was difficult for Falcon to rationalize that Jeff was simply getting older, and couldn't be treated like the fourteen-year-old he once knew.

He considered the student's words for a moment, taking another sip. "That sounds familiar."

"What, you? I know you lead a wild life, but there's no way you had crazy clones and whatever else trying to kill you when you were twelve."

So he hoped, anyway.

Byrne had never been one to celebrate the New Year. In fact, it never occurred to him that the New Year had arrived until he heard the fireworks from his room.

He momentary forgot why there were fireworks in the first place, so he ventured outside to the central area to investigate. Also, he had to admit that the fireworks were a beautiful sight.

Phoenix was also outside admiring the fireworks. It was cold, but he was bundled up in winter clothing. Yeah, he had a pretty sweet view from the courtyard on a chair.

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And in that courtyard, you'd see a girl with weird hair popping like fifty firecrackers. No really, she kept pulling them out of her bag. Popopopopopopopop.

Phoenix heard the very loud firecrackers and walked over. He was a bit amused when he saw that Ema was the source of said tiny explosions.

"Hey, that looks fun," he commented.

"It is! Can you believe how dirt cheap they sell these for!"

She just going to give you some for your own use. And by that I mean, she threw them at you so you better catch them and join the party.

"And the best way to bring in the new year! Let 'em rip!"

Phoenix wasn't prepared for the onslaught of firecrackers, and while he knew that Ema was throwing them at him for him to catch, he was still scared of any possible explosions.

He managed to catch most of them, but some of them landed on the ground and crackled. Fortunately he managed to avoid being damaged by the sparks.

He laughed then, out of a combination of nervousness and fun, and then started joining Ema in the firecracker-throwing festivities. This was fun. Maya would have gotten a kick out of this.

Leon was out on the quad waiting to see what would happen at midnight. He had a glass of wine, his green hair blowing in the gentle wind. It was nice.

Suddenly, Fireworks.

It was nicer.

"Yeah, assholes! It's 2012," he chimed out as he raised his glass.

What the fuck?

What was that?! Fireworks!

Oh shi- Kitty needed to get her hands on some asap!

The Drifblim spun for joy as she tried seeing where the fireworks were coming from and promptly headed that way! This was too good an opportunity to pass out on and they would prove to be perfect for many pranks to come!

It's funny how two ghosts think so alike, because Milimili had the same idea. She was swooping in and out, swiping some of the biggest fireworks she could find and setting them off in the blink of an eye perhaps too close to groups of people.

Maybe she injured someone as well... but she didn't care! She was having fun like this, being so rude.

Kitty grinned and gave the other ghost a once over and a nod in approval.

"See, the school needs more types like ya."

As if it was an agreement, Charlise began to do, pretty much the same! Especially a big gatherings, after all, no shame in a bit of mischief! Specially wen you saw people running around like headless chickens!

Yes, that was the reaction that set Milimili off in fits of giggles. When she noticed Kitty doing the same, her smile left her for a moment as she watched the other. Who was this? She had yet to form an opinion on this Drifblim character; all things considering, she was gutsy enough to perform the same tricks as she, so that would have to count for something...

The Banette set another firework off on its side, and it forced people to jump and run to avoid its shots. The shell went off on the snowy ground, leaving a melted dip in the white blanket where the burst of heat melted the snow. Luckily nobody was hurt, but they sure were dancing. Milimili laughed at her work, and quickly looked back at the Drifblim to see what she was up to.

Considering Kitty was fairly new, it was no surprise they hadn't met. Seeing as the only other ghost type she'd seen before was the Misdreavous, Blackie was it?

Regardless, she wasn't going to stop and think about things too much! There was havoc to be caused and mischief to be had and too many things to set off just for that purpose.

It was then that she spotted one of the ones that spun and ran around the ground for a few minutes before flying off and exploding... It was too perfect to pass on!

She made a grab for it, and slowly drifted closer to a gathered, caroling group. She set it of and tossed it nearby and once it came to life it was more amusing to see everyone scatter than the actual firework chasing them around!

Okay, that was pretty amusing too, at least Charlise thought so as she giggled at the scene!

Milimili wondered what her deal was, and she wasn't about to leave that up to her own imagination. So she'd join in: just when some of the singers thought they'd managed to avoid being assaulted by fireworks, the Banette phased in and left a Roman Candle to shoot rounds at ground level, again forcing them to do their best to avoid their legs from becoming targets.

Then, while they were busy, she disappeared and reappeared next to the other ghost.

"Who are you?"

"New student," Kitty responded with an amused grin, looking at the display.

"Name's Charlise, or Kitty, either or will do."

She paused to give the Banette a once over before smiling. "Haven't seen you around though, but I can tell you know how to have fun."

Being complimented in any capacity was something Milimili could appreciate, being vain as she was. Her smile, in this case, did not disintegrate - maybe she could get along with this person, at least a little. They could certainly do something mischievous, or something to a similar extent, she imagined...

"Hhhiiiiiii," the Banette sang, giving Kitty another inspection. "I'm Milimili. I think I like the name Kitty, so I'll be calling you that. It's been a while since I saw someone else doing something like what I'm up to... Nobody seems to understand~!"

"I know! Man, I can't even remember the last time doing any of this sort WASN'T fun! So these folk just missing out! Maybe they're just bitter cause they can't think of anything fun to do themselves~"

Kitty of course was always up for mischief and pranks and all around being a pain to anyone else.

If she had found a mischief buddy, then hell, all for the better!

Milimili pressed her hand-like appendages to her face, acting as though she was leaning on them in mid-air while kicking back the rest of her body. "Yeah, I know. These losers are just a bunch of goody-two-shoes. Here, you'd think they'd have more of a mischievous streak, this being a fighting school and all! But nooooooo..."

The smaller ghost pretended to sigh melodramatically.

"Wait, this is a fighting school?" Kitty replied sarcastically and making a show of it by overacting.

Sure she'd heard of it, and she was supposed to train sometimes with the team, but she hadn't really gotten into any fights as of yet. Maybe she should make more chaos happen to attract attention.

Milimili felt similarly - there weren't enough chaotic encounters for her tastes, so she figured maybe she could do something about it, maybe... Which is what she should be doing!

"Well, okay. It's been fun, but I think I've gotta run. Seeya around, Kitty!" she said, giggling. "Good to know someone's on my side, though."

"Oh?" she said with a knowing grin, having felt that urge to do something about the peace and quiet around.

"If ya wana hang sometime, ya know where ta find me, or, wait you don't. I'm sure you'll figure it out!" With that, she winked once and disappeared.

"C'ya 'round yo!"

After or before Milimili maybe?

Thankfully, (or as if she had heard her), Kitty soon passed one(1) Wunderkind genuis who had a bunch of rockets, explosives and magical tubes that most certainly could cause things to explode in the air.

Maybe after they had their destructive fun :p

Was that the boss lady?

That was! Why was she... Wasn't she really keen on blowing things up?

Whatever the case, at this point in her life, this Lash hadn't abandoned her yet, so her fondness for her new trainer had grown... even if she wished she'd get more badges!

So Charlise slowly drifted until she was close enough to the ground that transforming wouldn't hurt and started walking besides Lash.

"Yo. We startin' a war or something? Cause if we are, you can count me in!"

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