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The Book of Five Petals: part 1
punchtheflowers wrote in smash_logs
Who: Vinnie
What: Soul searching, insomnia, and making a new friend
Where: ????
When: Dec 25 - Dec ?
Warnings: A lot of drawings.

Red found his way into Kanto and back somehow.

So that means

there are no rules here.

This forest is every forest. I can go anywhere.

All I need to do is listen...

and she'll tell me where I need to go.

My heart's racing, my blood's pounding in my ears so goddamn loud I can barely hear my own thoughts.

No space for it. Mind's been too clogged to hear the singing around me.

Every plant sings. They glow with song.

It's a light you breathe in. It gets into every corner've you, ringing down into your roots. Circulates like blood.

Like a tingle that runs through your spine that you can send down your arm 'til you're shootin' pure life out your fingertips. That's how it used to feel.

All I have now is a phantom limb, and fuckin' memories.

If I lost that, what then?

Almost happened to Red when he left. He couldn't remember anything from the school before.

I wonder what it's like. I should be a bit more fuckin' scared of it all, but I'm not. An' maybe that scares me more.

I mean, hell, I've already been dead. Everything else bad's already happened t'me. Made me feel invincible for a while.

'Course, then the fall back t'reality hurts harder.

I thought I was getting stronger, but I'm not.

I can't even remember what that goddamn means...


I think I used to know.

I used t'be full of stupid ideas. Like...

'I can protect everyone'

'I can be a real man'

'I can be a great Venusaur

like Dad'

I don't want Celebi seeing me like this.

...Of all the stupid, idiotic ideas.

But they're still
things that I don't
want to lose.

It's not enough.
Not enough just to endure. There has to be more to this.
I thought if I could weather through it long enough, I could grow strong enough that nothing could touch me. A tree that could shelter everyone. Survive anything.

But a tree can get through years of wind and rain, and still get struck down by lightning in a second.

What else is there?

All these plants... they pour all their energy into nothin' but living.
That's what makes them strong.

Nature always finds a way to perservere. They grow and spread. Yeah, they struggle, but they don't carry nothin' like doubt or worry.

So stop thinking.
I've spent too much time on that already.

Ugh. I can hear Max now.

So. I'm definitely no tree.

It's still the same song we've got, right?

One thing we have in common, at least. I mean, every plant.

It's why we're built this way. We don't do well on our own.


So that's why... we never have to be. Not if we listen.

I might not have Red's name book, but I think I've got one for you.
How about Evliya?

Someone special was usin' that one. It's pretty, like you.

I tried going 'bout it alone, and it just made me colder.
I tried enduring everyone, and it burned me out.

Not a tree. Not alone...

A forest...

I wonder if that's possible.

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