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Every breath you take, every move you make
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receive_you wrote in smash_logs
Who: Goro Majima and anyone in the security team
What: Doing your goddamn jobs
Where: Security surveillance room
When: Jan 8
Warnings: Majima. Yeah.

[If any of the other guards had cared to notice, their eyepatched co-worker had been spending an awful lot of time watching the cameras. Even on his off hours, he'd be pouring over old tapes, studying them. He wasn't even watching skeevy embarrassing footage of people getting off, either! Just... boring hallway stuff. And taking notes, to boot.

How dedicated! Maybe you want to talk to him.]

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[Yes. Ron, the most timid of the security guards, has been spending a lot of time investigating but with no luck. Besides, whenever he tried to learn about this murder business, he always ended up messing it up! He was no detective, so this was harder than he imagined...

But maybe, as a security guard, he'd have more luck! So he's putting forth more effort and taking it upon himself to work longer than necessary with the hope (and dread) of encountering something fishy that might end up as a lead. Unfortunately, he hasn't gotten many good looks at the security tapes recently... Or, at least, ones that would be helpful.

But here was Majima, spending all this time in front of the tapes. Ron knew the importance of tapes, but he could never sit down in front of them long enough to get anything notable out of them. He had to run around and look! Maybe, though, he'd try talking to him...]

Umm... H-Hi...

[Majima barely looked his way. Waving a dismissive hand, he kept his eye peeled to the monitors.]

I don't have time to kill ya today~! Scram.

[Ron jumps, but tries not to let his fast-beating heart get the best of him. This guy was sort of scary!]

No! No, I wasn't trying to be k-killed or anything... In fact, I don't think I'm ever going to try to approach you and ask to be killed, since that's not anything I ever want to be on my agenda of things to do...

[AGH he's just trying to ask something! Ron shakes his head rapidly, as if he's trying to ward off the insecurity.] Wh-What I'm trying to do is figure out what you're looking at.

[Oh-ho, so you were actually curious about his investigation? For some reason, Majima must have found that amusing, because he began to swirl in his chair, chuckling darkly. You were so delite delightfully stupid, it really was astounding.]

Eheehee-! Ya mean ya can't tell? Aaah, I can't believe yer still alive, yer stupid enough to forget how to breathe~

[A worried expression crosses his features as he pulls his hands up to press against his breastbone.]

I'm sorry! I honestly don't know. I don't mean to sound stupid or anything. I just don't know what's going on... People aren't as communicative to me as I'm used to, if this is a task we're supposed to be on.

[The spinning slowed down until Majima was facing Ron directly. There was a snideness in his grin, and in that almost pitying look he gave the swirly haired manboy.]

Look at ya. Murrrders happenin' all 'round you and ya don't even know where to start!

Need a hint, dumbass?

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[His fists balled up and he pumps them to rest in front if him, his arms pressed tightly against his chest as he leans forward to Majima.]

The murders! I'm aware of this! I already know, I promise, and I'm looking into it, too!

[But then he drops in mood, his body slackening.] Although... I haven't been very successful...

m-mind if i butt in? uvu;;;

You tend to not be.

[That familiar Southern drawl is coming from... shit, right behind both of them. How long was he hanging around there?

He grits his teeth against the straw in his mouth, the leftover from a drink he had on a break. Probably a cheap beer.

Maybe you'd figure out more if you watched the tapes more. Y'know, like we're doing. You doing that yet, kid, or are you slacking?

[Oh Goose. You were obviously a grumpypants because this guy happened to be the piloting TA, and you never noticed a blessed thing.]

Slackin'? Well, now that we pinned the bastard on camerrra, why don't you go chat 'im up?

He's yourrr assistant, after all~

[Yeah he is. not. very happy about that, exactly. IN FACT HE IS VERY UNHAPPY ABOUT IT.]

... I planned on it, but I was waiting for backup in case the guy tries to kill me and succeeds.

[He doubts he'll succeed, but still.]

[Majima had himself a giggle at both Goose and Ron's expense, and gestured at the latter. Ha ha. Backup. As if that would save your lily white ass from being killed by this guy.]

Well, nothin' to worry 'bout. Ya got him now! Hee hee hee~!

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[Just then the sound of a door opening could be heard followed by the soft rattle of metallic armor as Sparkster stepped inside.]

Hello. [He carried a bucket in his hands. The fishy stench of rotting Kraken innards that had eluded clean-up groups up until now wafted from it.] What's going on?

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[Ron feels... severely uninformed! He looks panicky, and his tense posture conveys it easily. He's so easy to read.]

I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't know exactly what's going on here. Do you guys know something I don't about this?

[And piloting TA? Who was that? And what did that have to do with anything? Ron had made some guesses, but perhaps he wasn't enough of a detective type to actually figure out his suspect's occupations...]

[Majima snorted at the sight of that armoured rat walking in, smelling of fish guts. The hell was he doing, cleaning up? As far as he was concerned, that was the janitor's job.] Yer stinkin' up the place, Rat.

[He leaned backwards in his chair and casually kicked his feet up onto the table.]

If ya weren't so busy collectin' seafood or curlin' yer stupid hair, maybe ya would've figured it out by now, dipshits!

We got our mystery sushi chef~! And he's been right under our noses the whoooole time.

Especially his. [Point. At Goose.]

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I don't curl my hair, in my defense! [THIS IS A BIG TICKET ISSUE EVERYONE THINKS HE DOES THAT and he only does it a little. sometimes. NOT ALL THE TIME. but maybe most of the time. ...Wow, he managed to keep that bit of dialogue inside.]

But anyway... umm, who is it, then? Are you saying you know?

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[Sparkster's ears flattened as he shot Majima an offended glare. Who was he calling a rat?]

I'm an opossum.

[His tail twitched at the words 'mystery sushi chef!' In his excitement, Sparkster dropped the bucket and leaned closer. His ears attentively pointed forward.] Don't keep us waiting! Who is it?

[Get mad all you like, Majima only found it funny.]

Yer whatever I say you are, kid.

He's none other than ourrr little Goose's teachin' assistant~! Goes by Caim.

[Picking up his notepad, the one eyed man began reading off his scribbles.] Got a room in TD-13. If he ain't doin' his job, he's either in the greenhouse, or library. Keeps to himself. Ah, aren't sociopaths fun~?

[CAIM?! Ron remembers Caim from that conversation that often stuck itself to his thoughts during his idle time. The guy made killing seem like it was his life, and Ron felt like he had no room to question it. He was a soldier, right? And soldiers... had to "kill or be killed." He swallows after shutting his mouth, which he realizes was slightly agape.]

S-Sociopath? Are you sure it's him? Ummm... he told me he was a soldier and all, and that he's killed people, but he's a soldier! I don't know if he would kill people if they were innocent... [But then at the end of their conversation he recalled getting worked up over feeling threatened... He wasn't so sure.]

[Sparkster folded his arms and looked at Ron incredulously. Obviously, this man had never fought in a war before.]

Why not? It's not uncommon for soldiers to raze villages and kill citizens in war for no reason other than to show off their might or to collect anything of value. Some of them don't even show a bit of remorse after wards.

[He bit the inside of his lower lip as memories of wolves laughing it up while they chased frightened Zephyrians with swords in the hands flashed in his mind. Of the castle being set on fire by pigs as servants ran around in panic.]

Just because he was a soldier doesn't mean that this Caim isn't capable of harming innocent lives.

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[Oh Ron. Majima wished he had his baseball bat right now, just so he could smack some sense into your girl little face. Or smash in your skull. Both were good options. Even the giant rodent had more sense than you.

In fact, my little long tailed friend, you were exactly right! Majima beamed and spread his arms out wide. Oh, the drama!]

Exactly rrright! So, we've got a bonafide killer on our hands. Not enough proof that he goes about cuttin' up humans, but I think it's enough to start havin' a little FUN!

♪ Now what~? ♪

[That wasn't dread in his eyes. It was a dancing, delighted bloodlust. This... was all a game.]

[Sparkster kept a straight face but Majima sounded too overzealous for his liking.]

We bring him in for questioning, of course.

[He scratched his chin. Obviously, that was going to be easier said than done.]

[Man bro you freak him out, Majima.]

... Right. Yeah, that. And if he tries to pull any funny business, we open fire.

[SHRUG.] Hey, I'd fire the guy but I think the Headmaster's got more of a say than I do there.

[Instead of being intimidated by just Majima, Ron worries about the decision of all his coworkers - if they were truly dealing with a killer here, you could never know if he was going to just turn and snap your necks! Ron's imagination conveyed a fanciful scene of a maniac murderer, surrounded by a team of gruff policemen and detectives, all of which are slaughtered one by one, second by second, by their ruthless killer. Someone who had it in them to kill...

A gun couldn't stop a true killer, Ron decided. Guns could end the lives of a lot of people, but the most prevalent of them kept going and going until they're stopped, one on one, by someone. It had to happen like that.

Ron still looks very tense, his eyes wide as he looks between his coworkers while they exchange words.]

I don't... know...

[Wow, Ron, that was even mumblier than usual, Majima couldn't even hear it. But you know what? He'd seen way too many confrontations with psychopaths end badly. In his line of work, high bodycounts weren't uncommon at all - and ever since Kashiwagi's death, he had to take precautions to keep from getting snuffed.

There was still too much they didn't know, and so long as it remained in the dark, no matter what they did, Caim would still have the upper hand. So the question remained, then, where should they start?

Hmm, hmm.

Suddenly, Majima stood up.]

You lot can go get yerselves killed doin' that if ya want.

I've got other fish ta frrry.

Y-Y-You're leaving?!

[Again, Ron looks distressed.] So what's going on here? Are we supposed to be doing something about this? I mean, I guess there's nothing stopping everyone here since you're all perfectly capable, and can probably do something about it, but I guess I'm just thinking about what kind of experience Caim might have and how it might be advisable not to confront him maybe...?

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Now who says I'm gonna do that?

[Majima's voice and gaze grew dark. The very idea that someone as featherbrained as Ron - or any of them, really - knew what was going on in his head, and in his plans, was downright insulting. The offense hung like a bad taste in his mouth. His smile was gone.]

I look stupid to ya or somethin'?

[Sparkster placed his hands on his hips and raised his head up so his authoritative gaze could meet Ron's.]

Stop that mumbling. I barely understood that last part.

[His tone wasn't so harsh as it was firm. How this man was part of the security team, it boggled Sparkster's mind. He wouldn't of lasted one day as a rocket knight that was for sure.]

But you're right in taking account in what kind of experience Caim has.

[Not to mention the deaths of any poor bystanders. The end of his tail coiled in frustration that they couldn't go in and grab Caim before he cut someone else into ribbons.

You lot can go get yerselves killed doin' that if ya want

Yeah, Sparkster wasn't too interested in dying or watching his co-workers die today.]

If we act too hasty, we're sure to be signing our own death wish.

[The venom in Majima's stare moved to Sparkster, and then Goose for good measure. He was serious now, and it seemed as though the yakuza was suddenly on a hair trigger that could fire at any second.]

Whadya mean 'we'?

I'm not workin' with you losers unless yer workin' forrr me. Ya do that, maybe you'll all survive this bastard.

Otherrrwise, you can count me out.

[And with that, he turned and began to walk for the door.]

[Goose didn't really care. Sheesh, he knew he wasn't the greatest guard (not that he would outright admit the fact), but even he felt more authoritative and involved than this guy. He thinks he wants to be security head? Sheesh. He preferred even Ganondorf over this Majima guy.

Plus he is kind of a weirdo.

Some 'leader' you are. Fine then, we don't need you.

[He turns his attention to the others and shrugs.] Heh, we got this. We don't need him. We can stand up for ourselves without some kinda asshole on our backs.

... Most of us.

[Eyes, meet Ron. Ron, meet eyes right in your direction.]

[Ron wasn't dense enough that he wouldn't understand what that look meant coupled with Goose's final comment, and he appears disheartened. He turns the front of his body away from his fellow security guards in a sort of gesture of excluding himself, similar to Majima, only far, far more timidly and without nearly as much power to it.

In fact, it wasn't much like Majima at all: instead of pushing himself from the group because he felt like he had it under control, Mr. DeLite felt like the other two did not trust him and didn't want to work with him on something this important and risky. That feeling was a feeling he understood, and so he, too, began to steal away for the door without a word, his head hanging.

It was okay, though. He'd been thinking about this murderer since the first time he appeared on the news. And now he had a lot to think about...]

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