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Every thorn has its rose
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receive_you wrote in smash_logs
Who: Majima and Ai.
What: just a few questions, absolutely nothing to be concerned about
Where: TD-43
When: Monday, Jan 9
Warnings: What the hell? More Majima?

[Sorry Ai, but Majima needed to steal you from your dance class. He needed a talk. More specifically, he needed information.

It hadn't gone unnoticed by the one eyed man that this little girl has been visiting Caim's dorm for the past several weeks. It was a regularity that he could only attribute to some sort of devotion, which opened up a few possibilities. She could be a friend, a follower, a partner in crime... at this point, it was still risky to assume the murderer on campus was working alone. But Majima's instincts were telling him something else. Something he'd seen before.

Only an idiot would blunder into a confrontation with Caim blindly. Sorry Cammy - he would've let you in on this, but if things were as he suspected, then you definitely would not have approved of his plans.

Ai was the key. So, now that they were at his decoy office, let's see what he could get out of her. Having some authority as a security guard was handy after all. He took a peek at his notes before addressing her, voice stern.]

I got some questions 'bout your frrriend, Caim...

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[Ai held onto the edge of her seat, swung her legs back and forth, and batted her eyelashes. She didn't smile, though. Actually, she seemed rather confused about the whole situation.

As Majima looked his notes over, Ai cocked her head to try and peek at them too. Nothing appeared particularly interesting to her, and she resumed her position. At the mention of Caim, however, the little girl visibly perked up. She couldn't hide her hint of a smile as she answered.]

I will answer them!

[Oh lovely, she was a cooperative one! That would make things so much easier. He didn't enjoy having to deceive her, but it would only be a small lie.

The smile definitely didn't go unnoticed. It was an infectious thing; a crooked grin easily broke through to Majima's face as he twirled his pen about. His usual energetic persona returned along with it.]

Oh, goodie! Well, I'm glad you can help, Ai~!

I was just currrious if Caim's been acting a little odd lately. Goose has some students who said he makes'em uncomfortable. It'd be a shame if somethin' like that cost 'im his job an' all...


[She furrowed her eyebrows, as if she were deep in thought. After a few seconds of incredibly thrilling thinking, she answers.]

No. I think he is happy. He says that I make him smile, and I make things for him to make him smile! [She shakes her head confidently.] He is not acting odd.

[She doesn't quite understand the next part of Majima's comment. She sighs, then frowns.]

Who makes him uncomfortable?

[Hm. Caim, smiling, Ai.]

That ain't it, love. I mean he makes some of the students nerrrvous... not exactly good for a TA, is it? Gotta play well with others if he wants to keep teaching.

'Course, could be they just don't understand 'im as well as ya do.

[Majima put a finger to his lips, as though in thought. After a second, he leaned back in his chair and happily suggested:] Why don't ya tell me morrre about him? What's the boy like?

[She's clearly unsettled with this notion. Caim is making other students nervous? She can't seem to wrap her head around the idea. She likes him! As far as she knows, Vianca does too. Ai figures that Vianca knows just about everything, so she ought to be a good judge of character... She lets out another discontented sigh.]

Probably! Maybe they are just scared because he can't talk very well. You have to learn how to understand his lips talking.

[Another little sigh.]

He is very nice. He told me that he wants to protect me and my sister Vianca from the murders. And he told me that he is invisible.

[She concluded with a happy nod.]

[Majima narrowed his one eye, scrutinizing the child's words. Invisible? He certainly didn't look invisible on those camera tapes. In fact, it would've made killing the Kraken a helluvan easier job.

Oh, kids. You were weird little things.]

...Do ya mean invisible, or invincible?

And whadya mean he don't talk very well?

Oh! Yes, invincible! I asked him to teach Vianca how to be invincible. [She shakes her head again.] He said it wasn't a good idea. He said it's better to know you're alive... But I just don't want Vianca to get hurt. But, alright, he said that he will take care of her anyway.

[She pauses before answering his next question.]

Don't you know? When he talks, nothing comes out. No words. Sometimes he writes on a notepad for other people, but I can understand his lips.

[Ooh, a mute. Well, it'd be rather fun watching Goose trying to interrogate the kid then. He wouldn't put it past them, buncha dumbasses.]

Ah well, neverrr met him myself. Us security guards have been prrretty busy lately, y'know~

[Majima took this moment to mull of Caim's words to her. Invincibility, eh? Another guy who was just too fuckin' strong. Ha ha. A certain amount of it was true, as far as the mad dog could understand - after all, being yakuza wasn't completely unlike being a soldier.

They stepped into a world where there was no going back. Bringing and embracing death without hesitation, they were different now than the rest of the innocent masses. If indeed innocent they were~

His eye narrowed ever so slightly, burning with some sort of dark laughter that didn't quite make it to his lips.]

Well, it sounds like your frrriend's very powerful, love. But have you ever seen 'im fight? Has he ever... hurrrt anyone?

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[She blinks. And for just a moment, she looks a touch irritated with the question.]

He wouldn't hurt anyone. I don't see him fight ever.

Why? Are students saying that he hurt them?

[Oooh, so she was protective of him too. How saddeningly misplaced her trust was. How unconditionally eponymous. He couldn't help but be amused by the irony at play - and smiled in response. It was a knowing sort of grin.]

No, nothin' of the sort. Just what you said, is all. Invincible... [Majima chuckled to himself.] It's a fantastic word, innit~?

He must have worked verrry hard to get that way, but he doesn't fight. What does he do then? When you'rrre together?

[At Majima's first question, Ai just shrugged.]

Well, when we're together... [She pauses to think for a second.] Sometimes we talk about things. Other times he gives me hugs and sometimes kisses. Right now I am painting on his wall for him, so that it will be less unhappy.

[She gives Majima a frustrated look.] I don't know. Why are you asking?

[His face softened for a moment, wistfully.]

Well. I think he's verrry lucky to have someone as special as you, love. He must care for you a whole lot. Someone like that couldn't possibly be frrrightening.

[Or at least, considerably less frightening so long as Majima had the right leverage on his side... Sorry, Ai.]

I think I understand Caim much better now, so I can tell Goose everything will be okay~! It was all a big misunderstanding.

[That makes Ai feel a little less uncomfortable. She lets out a loud sigh and nods at Majima.]

Yes, he cares about me very much. He tells me so all the time. I tell him too. [And she shakes her head.] He's not frrrrrrightening!

[Unsure of who Goose is, Ai assumes this was the student who was made uncomfortable.]

I hope Goose isn't afraid of him anymore after you talk to him.

[Good job rolling your rrr's, there. Majima chuckled, and replied in a teasing, sing-song voice.]

Oh, I hope so too, I think he might just be a bit of a cowarrrd~ I'm sure everything will be fine.

[He glanced at his watch.] Except it looks like I've made ya miss the rrrest of your class. Sorry 'bout that.

Therrre anything I can do to make it up to ya?

[She wrinkles her nose at Majima's "coward" comment, but she doesn't argue with him.]

Mm. That's okay.

Make sure that Caim is safe! That would make me happy enough.

Oh, don't worrrry. I'll look out for him.


Thank you for helpin' me out.

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