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I am smiling a little maybe.
black_hawke wrote in smash_logs
Who: YOU
When: Midnight, January 1st, 2012
Where: The main quad
Warnings: partying like it's 1999

The night was surprisingly quiet for the dawn of a new year. Quiet, of course, until the school's clocktower struck midnight.

While more unsavory activities were happening elsewhere, the sky above Final Destination erupted in a flurry of color and sound.

title or description

Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind...

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Milimili pressed her hand-like appendages to her face, acting as though she was leaning on them in mid-air while kicking back the rest of her body. "Yeah, I know. These losers are just a bunch of goody-two-shoes. Here, you'd think they'd have more of a mischievous streak, this being a fighting school and all! But nooooooo..."

The smaller ghost pretended to sigh melodramatically.

"Wait, this is a fighting school?" Kitty replied sarcastically and making a show of it by overacting.

Sure she'd heard of it, and she was supposed to train sometimes with the team, but she hadn't really gotten into any fights as of yet. Maybe she should make more chaos happen to attract attention.

Milimili felt similarly - there weren't enough chaotic encounters for her tastes, so she figured maybe she could do something about it, maybe... Which is what she should be doing!

"Well, okay. It's been fun, but I think I've gotta run. Seeya around, Kitty!" she said, giggling. "Good to know someone's on my side, though."

"Oh?" she said with a knowing grin, having felt that urge to do something about the peace and quiet around.

"If ya wana hang sometime, ya know where ta find me, or, wait you don't. I'm sure you'll figure it out!" With that, she winked once and disappeared.

"C'ya 'round yo!"

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