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One Tiny Rumor
played_possum wrote in smash_logs
Who: Sparkster and Jon
What: Rumors
Where: The woods near the school
When: Jan 10
Warnings: Hot furry on furry action! Fighting most likely.
Twigs crunched underneath Sparkster's foot as he pressed on. The orange glow coming from his chest plate lit up his path as patches of dark clouds obfuscated the moon. The tree branches grew more gnarled as he ventured deeper.

"Ah...ah...ACHOO!" Sparkster snorted before wiping his chilled nose against a gloved hand. His leather mail was not cut out for frigid weather. He sat himself down on a large tree root that twisted into the ground. He feverishly rubbed his hands together, blowing on them to keep warm. Each breath came out of his mouth as puffs of vapor. His hairless tail twitched as the cold night air licked at it. He detested the snow. He hated the cold when he had to storm into the mountainside palace of Ulfgar the Merciless and he hated it now.

He wasn't even supposed to be here. Sparkster was suppose to be back in Smash Academy, on guard duty. That was why he had been sent to this school in the first place. He was suppose to be on the look out for the serial killer and protecting the students of Smash Academy from becoming the murderer's next victims. Now that he knew that Caim was the one who mutilated the Kraken and the security team's prime suspect behind the killings, it was essential that Sparkster stayed on task. He needed to find this Caim and keep track of him. If Caim was the killer, he needed to get ready for the eventual capture. But no, something had been distracting the rocket knight.

Ever since he had arrived, the neighborhood he lived in was abuzz with talk in regards to sightings of a wolf in the woods. Sparkster wasn't all too worried at first. It was a forest, a wolf living there wouldn't be out of the ordinary. But then he paid closer to find that it wasn't a wolf that individuals claimed to see but a wolf man. No one had gotten a close look as the few Zephyrians who said they had crossed paths with the creature quickly fled before it could get too close but they all said that it bore a physical resemblance to the wolves of the Wolf Kingdom in Elhorn. What bothered Sparkster the most of these sightings though was that most of the eyewitness accounts took place in the parts closest to campus. So far no innocent opossum had been fallen victim to the wolf man but that didn't stop the Zephyrians from being utterly afraid that he would eventually strike as revenge for Ulfgar's humiliating defeat to Sparkster.

As the Rocket Knight of Zephyrus, thus the the Zephyrians sworn protector, it was Sparkster's duty to confront anything that dared threaten his people. In his eyes it outweighed his responsibilities to the security team. And so that was why he was sitting in a forest in the middle of the night, freezing his tail off.

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Jon had been spending more nights out in the cold lately. He'd allowed himself a few months to settle into the new school and now, he had to resume his training.

Unlike Max or Knuckles, Jon wasn't terribly interested in weight training. Muscle training of that sort built the wrong sort of muscle for Jon's martial arts disciplines which relied more on speed and precision than mass. He had no adequate sparring partners here yet so he sparred on his own - a form of shadow boxing. He'd start out with some complicated Katas to loosen himself up, then would launch into fight training as though he were attacking and defending from an actual opponent. He had noticed one or two Giant Rat People running from him in terror yes.... but considering they walked upright and spoke with words (....or screamed with words like RUNA AWAY and OH GOD THE WOLVES ARE HERE!) he figured they were citizens and off the menu.

This evening, however, not only had the scent of one attracted his attention, but the sound of it too. Heavy clothing - armor. He was good at remaining unseen in the woods so he watched Sparkster manuever through the undergrowth. He stalked him a ways and watched him finally take a seat.

Curiouser and curiouser.

The air of purpose with which Sparkster had made his way into the woods spoke to Jon. There was a reason this short guy was here. He wasn't wandering for the sake of wandering... no. He was here with a purpose.

It wasn't full moon and Jon was in full command of himself, so, Sparkster didn't have to fear an outright attack. However, Jon was in the mood for a little fun. He slunk away from Sparkster on all fours and then leapt up into a tree as silently as he could. Raising his head to the sky he let out a long, lonesome sounding howl. Scary, Eerie.... perfect for a dark night in the woods. Let's see what the little man made of that.

Sparkster scrambled to his feet in response. He quickly whipped his sword out and braced himself. The blue gem near the hilt began to shine blue. The blade itself was quickly engulfed in a soft aura of bright blue.

His eyes surveyed the area but save for the spot he was standing in, everything was covered in a blanket of darkness. His ears folded forward, trying to pick up the crackling of twigs, footsteps in the snow, anything that would give his enemy away.

He didn't attack. No, not yet. The cold stopped the flow of his fuel, meaning he couldn't be careless with special techniques. Instead he waited to see what his foe's next move was.

Yep. That was it. As soon as he saw Sparkster draw the sword at the sound of his howl, he knew why the Opossum was here. He was no stranger to being hunted down in the woods by glory-seekers and so-called Darkhunters. People who thought him an abomination and wanted to purge the world of him and his like.

Well, fine. If that was how this armored guy wanted to play it... that's how it would be played.

He dropped from the canopy, landing not too far from the rocket knight. He was on all fours, low to the ground, a snarl in his throat.

A startled gasped escaped his mouth when he saw the large figure land in front of him. So the rumors were true.

"So you reveal yourself," Sparkster hissed, baring a set pointed white teeth. "Why are you here?"

Brazenly, he raised his sword and pointed it Jon.

"None of your business, Little One..." Jon snarled back, walking closer, still on all fours. He licked his chops noisily, wet tonge slapping against his muzzle.

"And what are YOU doing here, Hmm? I was going to take down a deer or two for dinner but you've saved me the trouble and I'm not above eating rat."

Sparkster let out another hiss. Why is everyone calling him a rat?

"You know why I'm here, wolf soldier." he said while taking a step closer.

With that he broke into a sprint. Sparkster charged straight at Jon with his sword up high.

"Oh! Yes! I've a good idea why you're here! Unfortunately for you, I'm not going to go down to the likes of you!"

Jon waited for Sparkster to get closer before leaping to the side and aiming a kick at the smaller man's side.

"Here's a question for you... what's your sword made of?"

Some, very few and very smart, Darkhunters knew to use Silver weapons on a Werewolf, after all. It would be best to make sure.


The kick sent the little opossum tumbling to the forest floor. Almost like a ball he rolled away, falling onto his belly.

"Why does any of that matter?" he growled whilst using his sword to pick himself up.

"Because! If you're going to try and cut me with that Letter Opener, I've a right to know! Seems fair, doesn't it chum?"

Jon advanced on Sparkster, standing up to his full height, hackles raised, hair puffed out. His eyes let off a yellowish glow in the almost non-existant light present in the forest.

"On your feet!"

Standing straight, he raised his head upward. Tail uncoiling and feet digging firmly into the ground, his light blue eyes gazed into Jon's. They were full of determination and did not reflect one speck of fear.

"Bronze. Iron. Steel."

Jon let out a dark sounding chuckle.

"Beautiful. Right then! If you're going to do it, do it. Try and cut me... but be warned. I eat little bastards like you for breakfast, and I mean that quite literally."

He ran his tongue over his teeth for emphasis. Sure, the Opossum was brave, but to Jon's mind he was also a fool to challenge a Wolf in the woods. He had the Home-Team advantage, after all.

"I'm going to send you running back to your king with your tail between your legs."

It wasn't common for Sparkster to gloat but even with Jon's imposing size and strength, Sparkster felt his years of knighthood and facing large enemies, humanoid and mechanical alike made him someone tough to take down.

"Come at me bro!"

"And why exactly would you want me to go back to His Royal Majesty King George the sixth?"

King George the Sixth being the last reigning Monarch of make persuasion in Jon's timeline.

"Aaaah... I don't think so, chum. This is your fight. I'm not going to steal your moment from you. You wanted to fight me, you come at me. I'm not going to come to you."

Who was this King George VI? Was Jon mocking him?

It didn't matter. Sparkster charged straight at him once more.

This guy sure was a fan of the direct approach. Jon dropped to all fours then leapt lithely over Sparkster, clearing the Knight easily and landing well on the other side of him.

"Oh come now... you must have more to you than direct charges! Give me a little sport at least."

NOW he's mocking you, Sparkster.

"If you say so!" Sparkster cried out, still running in the same direction. He had no intention of stopping just yet. He continued his sprint, the woods obscuring a clear view of him until he disappeared behind a mess of trees.

The forest became quiet. Only the lonely howl of the wind echoed in the night.


Yes. He pretty much assumed that Sparkster ran away from the fight and now he was butthurt. That just wasn't good sportsmanship at all.

The loud roar of a motor rang out. From the tree tops behind Jon, the Rocket Knight sprang out and flew at him, aiming downward with his sword out, swinging when he got near enough.

To say Jon was a little taken aback would have been entirely true. The fact that the little bastard had come back AT ALL was surprising, let alone that he had come back with a jet pack.

A jet pack!? Seriously!?

Disbeleif aside, Jon took a defensive stance and dodged the sword strike, if only barely.

Sparkster nimbly landed a short distance from Jon's side.

He didn't utter a word or look him. No sarcasm or boasts, there wasn't time. He merely gave a swish of the tail before making a break to the nearest tree. It was as if Sparkster was purposely beckoning Jon to follow him.

The forest floor may have been Jon's domain but Sparkster was a Zephyrian and trees were a huge part of the Zephyrians' lives. They built entire villages nestled in the highest branches. This made the tree tops Sparkster's element.

Unfortunately Jon was not at home in the treetops beyond being able to leap through them. They weren't his element at all but he could navigate up there easily enough. His footfalls were fleet and quick enough that he could traverse distances off the ground. Great for escaping hunters.

He wasn't about to follow Sparkster. He wanted Sparkster to try and engage him.

"OI! Rocket-Rat! You gonna fight me or keep running away?"

"Weren't you the one who said to give you "a little sport?" he retorted. With that he scrambled his way upward to a nice sturdy branch. "Don't tell me that you're afraid of heights?"

He wrapped his tail around the branch and hung upside down from it. "And for the last time," he added in, "I'm an opossum, not a rat!"

"Small, fuzzy with a bald tail, long snout and wiggling nose - Rat enough for me." Jon replied, making a move to get closer.

"And no - I'm not afraid of heights in the slightest - Just means I've got that much father to drop you when I catch you."

Sparkster meanwhile calmly watched. His upside-down body swayed ever so slightly.

.....was that little bugger SMILING at him!? The nerve! The sheer arrogance! So Jon COULDN'T prance about in the trees like some sort of arboreal fairy! So what? He was more capable up there than any other wolf you're likely to meet!

His body erupted into a flashing mass of Ki energy as he used his Beast Canon attack to soar straight at Sparkster, mouth open in a loud howl.

Sparkster's eyes bulged at the new development. Okay, either the wolf soldiers learned some new tricks since the last time he saw them or there's something different about this guy.

He released his grip and began plummeting downward. When he was at a close enough distance, Sparkster curled into a ball, grabbed onto his sword and fired up his jetpack. He ripped off Sonic's spindash move spun down, bracing himself for the incoming impact.

"I don't think you know who you're messing about with, Chum!"

His voice was loud and harsh, amplified by the burst of Ki. Jon's feet crashed into a thicker branch and he used it as a springboard to send himself soaring even faster in Sparkster's direction.

He hit the ground with a crash not far from the possum, again lashing out with a taloned foot, hoping to kick the armored marsupial into next week.

Jon's kick didn't hit Sparkster, it hit his sword. Sparkster's arms wobbled like jello to the two opposing forces before falling on his back, mere inches from Jon.

Sparkster rolled to his side, gasping for air. The counter attack left his body sore.

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